What is GROWTHmapper®?

Oxford Innovation has developed GROWTHmapper® to help high growth businesses achieve their ambitions. It consolidates over 20 years' experience of nurturing successful high growth businesses.

Delivered by an experienced team of trained and accredited coaches, GROWTHmapper® puts you, the client, into the driving seat for the future. It combines the insights of your management team with our practical knowledge of what makes businesses succeed.

GROWTHmapper® is a family of complementary coaching tools covering all the key aspects of establishing and growing a successful business. It gives a clear assessment of the biggest opportunities, and challenges, you face in achieving your high growth potential.

GROWTHmapper® is being used to assist high growth businesses engaging with Enterprise Europe Network.

"GROWTHmapper® is so quick and easy to use and gave me some useful insights into my business."

Toni Ertl, MD, The Assay & Control Company